Niersberger Group: The sum of the parts

The Niersberger Group – the organizational umbrella of Niersberger, under which the subsidiaries of the countries participating in the group are combined. Niersberger is at home in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Romania and Italy.

The Niersberger headquarters is located in the Federal Republic of Germany in the metropolitan region of Erlangen/Nuremberg – an attractive industrial and University City with an excellent infrastructure and research facilities, which enjoy a worldwide reputation. Thus, not only well-known companies have settled in Erlangen, which provide a fertile business climate. As the location of the Fraunhofer Institute and as a University city, Erlangen has made a name for itself that reaches far beyond the borders of Germany.

The city with about 107,000 inhabitants is located very conveniently traffic-wise, and with the motorway hub Fürth-Erlangen also has a highly centralized traffic junction which connects the A3 and the A73 motorways. Nuremberg airport is located right in front of the door. The economic and innovation potential has made Erlangen, what it is today: A strong economic site with a great development potential which has the nationwide second-strongest purchasing power after Munich.

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