Niersberger Group: A strong international network

It is mainly the well thought out company structure that contributes to the success of the Niersberger Group. Consisting of several companies spread all over Europe, on the one hand we can realy on international know-how in our core competences Real Esate and Plant engineering. Thanks to the management of the group by the holding company “BSG Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH” on the other hand, we constantly optimize our processes. That is how we manage to create a whole that is more than the sum of its parts.

Niersberger group: everything under the umbrella of the BSG

The organization of the Niersberger Group is governed by a holding company. She is the parent body of the group. This company bears the name BSG Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH (BSG). You are task is to manage the synergies within the Group and, where it is necessary, to combine and manage them.

The organization of the substructure develops through the independent profit center. These are companies in which the BSG holds shares. They pursue their own interests and operate the plant engineering and the real-estate projects as a core business. Thereby, they rely on the expertise of other companies within the group if this is required. Overall, a dozen operating companies are grouped under the umbrella of the BSG.

Sustainability in focus

The Executive Board is usually personally involved in these operational units. This will develop a specific interest on the management-side, which in addition to monetary and economic objectives will also focus on qualitative and social targets. Thereby, sustainability plays an important role. The corporate management doesn’t just assume the responsibility for a business plan or the achievement of agreed economic targets. It will also assume the long-term responsibility towards the customers and employees, and also advocate moral and ethical work values.

Quality as the highest premise

The quality of the work is characterized by a high degree of honesty. This also becomes visible when observing the long-term planning of the Niersberger corporate subunits. This is the reason why time-limited contracts are not closed with executives, which only cover a time span of 2, 3, 4 or 5 years. This is a clear principle of the Niersberger corporate policy.

Strategy: Cooperation based on partnership

We are a reliable partner and a powerful medium-sized company with active employees. We are specialists in the business fields of plant engineering and real estate. We convince through innovative solutions, competence and a sustainable management of real-estate and facilities.

The future-viability and sustainability are important characteristics of our products and services. These are products, which are characterized by their focus on solutions, and are required to meet a specific performance profile in the long-run.

The Niersberger Group covers a large part of the value chain in the real-estate and plant engineering areas. It distinguishes itself in terms of quality and know-how from the competitors through the use of specialists. This ensures a close and long-term binding to the stakeholders, partners, and contracting entities.

Locations & markets: Focus on Europe

On closer observation, the Niersberger Group most certainly has a focus on Eastern Europe. How did this location policy emerge? The answer to this question lies in chance and in history.

Connections to the Czech Republic
Jan Kabriel is to “blame” so to speak, for Niersberger expanding its activities into Eastern Europe after the fall of the “iron curtain”. Kabriel emigrated during the Prague Spring in 1968 from Czechoslovakia in the Federal Republic of Germany and joined Niersberger in Erlangen. The emotional attachment to his homeland, continued to persist.

Strategic locations for expansion
It was also Kabriel who recognized the market opportunities in Eastern Europe after the reunification. Therefore, in 1992 he decided to become active in the Czech Republic, to settle their four years later with the Niersberger Instalace s.r.o. The subsidiaries in Slovakia were also founded from the Czech Republic. Two strategically important subsidiaries, in order to enter the market in Hungary and Romania, and also conduct business activities there.

International orientation

Last but not least, the development of the Russian market was conducted and subsidiary opened up in Moscow. There, Niersberger has been able to establish itself as a provider and expertise-carrier with numerous successful reference projects.

Across its sites, Niersberger realizes projects in countries such as Italy, Poland, Romania, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia. Other international orders in North America and Asia will follow.