Multicultural workforce - international employee culture

Niersberger is an international group of European companies. The group is greatly influenced by a cosmopolitan spirit, which is characterized by a multicultural staff and supported by an international employee culture. Diversity and creativity - an aspect which our employees embody unconditionally. People from different nationalities work within the corporate group across all levels. The language variety includes English, Italian, Turkish, Greek, Czech, Russian, Spanish as well as German, and is a trademark of Niersberger. Whether on the construction site or in the office: it reflects the international spirit of the group. Elemental here: the mutual respect in dealing with each other.

In this sense, it is in the interest of all companies who are part of the corporate group to provide the structure for open communication across national borders, to promote the information exchange among employees, and to facilitate it sustainably. The exchange across the sites not only contributes to a sustainable knowledge transfer, but also supports the intercultural and social understanding of the colleagues. Communication promotes the emergence of a culture of international understanding within Niersberger. The employees will be the first and foremost to benefit from this.

In the House of Niersberger, all relevant knowledge is available. Every employee is able to address, discuss and communicate any topic by sharing his views with other employees, even across national borders. The European headquarters of Niersberger contains a huge knowledge base, which has enormous synergy potentials - technically, monetarily and culturally. The aim is to continue and implementation of these international synergies and to streamline their development process. Because: synergy effects are already an important unique feature of Niersberger. Their management gives the group a competitive advantage. The pooling and sharing of knowledge ensures the continued existence of Niersberger. And this will be long-term.