From an installation company to an international group

The history of the Niersberger Group already started in the year 1921 when Michael Niersberger foundet the company “Michael Niersberger Zentralheizungen” in the Franconian city of Büchenbach near Erlangen. Despite all challenges because of economic crisis and war the company developed constantly.

Run in the third generation, since the 1980s the German-wide and later the Europe-wide expansion of the group startet, which led to the international structure of the group of today.


Throughout Europe approximately 210 employees, including many trainees work for the group. The staff tends to all the topics revolving around the residential living space and plant construction in a reliable, creative and competent manner. The Niersberger Group is a flagship medium-sized enterprise with international ambitions, which is committed to continue its long-standing tradition and develop new markets with pioneering technologies.


Thus began a new phase of corporate development. From that point on, the Czech Republic became the base location for the expansion into the Eastern European region. It was followed by foundations in Slovakia and in Romania. The Russian market was also developed. In these years, the future corporate structure of the group was already visible. A conglomerate of companies, which still lacked a roof.

Today, companies can find this “roof over your head” in the Niersberger Group, whose main shareholder is the BSG Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH. It was founded in 2004, and has been consolidating the expertise of the group since then. Rainer Dippold is the Managing Director.


After the political turn in the 1990s a gigantic market opened up in Eastern Europe. Niersberger also wanted to be present there. With Jan Kabriel, who emigrated in the turmoil of the Prague Spring in 1968 from Czechoslovakia to West Germany, the right man was already in the own ranks. The circle was completed in 1996, when Jan Kabriel co-founded Niersberger Instalace s.r.o in the Czech Republic with Rainer Dippold.

1995 – 1987

In addition to the core business, Rainer Dippold and Jan Kabriel pushed the development of the strategic position of the operation. It was necessary to set the course for the future. In 1987, Niersberger took over the company Eller & Gutbrod, then in 1991 HLS Haustechnik in Jena, Wärmetechnik Wilkau-Haßlau and the Technischer Hausservice GmbH in Erfurt. In the same year the Niersberger Elektro GmbH was finally founded, and the ASI Niersberger GmbH was established in 1995. The new face of the company Niersberger took shape. In 1995, Robert Niersberger left the company by selling his shares and simultaneously retiring from the corporate management. Rainer Dippold and Jan Kabriel now also officially assumed the responsibility.


In 1975 the third generation, represented by Robert Niersberger, took over the management of the company and thus the responsibility for the entire operation. The headquarters was relocated to Erlangen-Bruck. In 1977, Rainer Dippold entered the company as the Commercial Director, and Jan Kabriel as the Technical Director. The expansion of the company is attributable to them. They also decisively shaped the future of the company.

Niersberger Geschichte

1959 – 1958

After the death of his parents in 1958 and 1959, the brothers Max and Gunda Niersberger took over the company. They are continuing the tradition of the family business in the second generation.


After the second world war, the rebuilding also began at Niersberger. In May 1946, the son Max returned from captivity. He immediately entered the family company with full enthusiasm.


On May 8, 1921, Michael Niersberger founded the company “Michael Niersberger Zentralheizungen”. The company was located in Büchenbach near Erlangen back then.

Despite the economic crisis the order situation was satisfactory. Only a short time after the foundation the location was already moved. In the Nürnberger Straße in Erlangen enough space was found to expand the range of steam boilers heaters as central heating source in large buildings. The first major order introduced Niersberger to the company Gossen. There, a steam boiler was installed which supplied the factories with heat.

Niersberger Geschichte