Focus on Europe

On closer observation, the Niersberger Group most certainly has a focus on Eastern Europe. How did this location policy emerge? The answer to this question lies in chance and in history.

Jan Kabriel is to "blame" so to speak, for Niersberger expanding its activities into Eastern Europe after the fall of the "iron curtain". Kabriel emigrated during the Prague Spring in 1968 from Czechoslovakia in the Federal Republic of Germany and joined Niersberger in Erlangen. The emotional attachment to his homeland, continued to persist.

It was also Kabriel who recognized the market opportunities in Eastern Europe after the reunification. Therefore, in 1992 he decided to become active in the Czech Republic, to settle their four years later with the Niersberger Instalace s.r.o. The subsidiaries in Slovakia were also founded from the Czech Republic. Two strategically important subsidiaries, in order to enter the market in Hungary and Romania, and also conduct business activities there.

Last but not least, the development of the Russian market was conducted and subsidiary opened up in Moscow. There, Niersberger has been able to establish itself as a provider and expertise-carrier with numerous successful reference projects.

Across its sites, Niersberger realizes projects in countries such as Italy, Poland, Romania, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia. Other international orders in North America and Asia will follow.