Embody values and demonstrate them daily

Values are not theoretical constructs. On the contrary, values govern our daily work. Consciously or unconsciously we create values, conduct a value creation, place a great emphasis on "quality". The value itself is present in every human being. Embody values and demonstrate them daily - one of the guiding principles of Niersberger.

Our employees make values visible and tangible. The workforce embodies, communicates and provides values. Values materialize from opinions, attitudes and performed work. How we actually work and how we do what we are able to, can be defined to our values.


The Niersberger value catalog consists of seven columns:

We analyze our customers and develop the optimal solution. It is individual, tailor-made and meets the requirements of the customer 100 percent.

In everything that we do and don't do, we stand by our word and keep it. Unconditionally.


We adhere to the budget. Dates are a promise for us.

We are partners of our customers. Partnership means understanding and honesty. We see ourselves as an equal player in the relationship with our customers, and are also able to say "no" when it's required.

Our solutions embody sustainability. Niersberger looks ahead and solves the problems of tomorrow with the resources available today. Sustainability is also important for us in the staff planning. Therefore the long-term retention of new employees in the group is important to us.

Uncompromising quality is self-evident. We demand this from ourselves and our solutions. The best materials and the best minds make the best products.

As a company, we also have a social commitment. Thereby we don't just assume the responsibility for our employees. We would also give something back to society. Therefore, we are actively involved in social projects and also observe the sustainability in this area.