Plant engineering

The plant engineering is the second but major pillar of Niersberger. It includes both the installation and construction of facilities, the provision of expert know-how in the procedural plant engineering as well as the renewable energy technology and environmental engineering.


Concept: regaining of ressources

The main concept of Niersberger plants is the generation of energy by applying renewable energy technologies and systems of environmental engineering. We do that out of a very special reason: As plants are producing energy they simoultaneously regain secondary, but valuable and marketable byproducts while executing their transformation process - e. g. organic fertilizer or crude oil. This concept is commonly discribed as the regaining of ressources. The concept is carried by a well-known idea: sustainability.


Niersberger’s origin: supply technology

At the core of modern plant construction and engineering stands the supply technology as well as its generic subsections, the technical building equipment and the building technology. That’s where Niersberger comes from. These disciplines are the group's origin. Supply technology can be understood as the corporate foundation, once linking up to modern plant construction based on the renewable energy technology and the environmental engineering. The entire corporate history is attributed to the field of supply technology.


Up- and downstream services

Of course, the plant construction and engineering also includes the entire pre-planning of projects, development, planning and at last the implementation. This business sector is completed by a comprehensive service and maintenance department as well as the technical operations management for plants in the area of renewable energies.