Procedural plant engineering Process of energy production

Procedural plant engineering deals with plants, which have the primary function of generating power. Thereby, the processes of the energy production are important. This can occur using raw materials or other resources.


Recovery of resources

Niersberger places a high degree of importance on sustainability for this process. It describes the process path, which focuses on the ecologically meaningful recovery of resources. Against this background, waste products can also be used for procedural plants. They act as resources that generate energy. Another aspect of usage: The process transforms this waste product into a marketable product. The real recovery of resources takes place in this step. Because: If there is a market for this product, then the model will pay off fully. A cycle that pays off double!


The process is dominating

Procedural engineered plants are highly complex. Niersberger specializes in this area of regenerative energy technology and environmental engineering. The process is the decisive factor here. It dominates the entire design and construction phase. Only when this has been defined precisely, will Niersberger begin with the design or the construction of a customized facility that perfectly corresponds to your process.