Service and maintenance

With a total of over 1,000 maintenance contracts, the service and maintenance department plays an important operational role in the Niersberger Group. Several companies of the group handle the maintenance and servicing of various plants in Germany and throughout Europe.


Regular maintenance

Regular inspections and regular maintenance are important for the smooth operation of a plant. Compliance with the maintenance intervals, for example, protects the operator from warranty failures and guarantees a long life of the facility. Periodic maintenance will be carried out locally by the Niersberger service technician.


Remote maintenance through telemetry

Through so-called "remote systems" is possible to also perform remote maintenance. This saves long journeys, is environmentally friendly and cost-saving.

The remote maintenance is made possible through the telemetry. It enables a facility setting via the computer. Remote maintenance services are ideal for the unscheduled servicing, as a consequence of system failures or other functional or operational failures. They can often be resolved through this service.


Technical and commercial operations management

In addition to the maintenance, this business area also covers the entire technical and commercial operations management. Niersberger monitors the technical aspect of the production process in biogas or solar systems, and ensures the efficiency and profitability of the system through a clearly structured invoicing and the processing of different types of subsidization.