Renewable energy technology

The maintenance of renewable energy technology systems requires in-depth knowledge about the technology and the system itself. This is why, for example, the environment in which a biogas plant or a photovoltaic system is installed plays an important role. Environmental factors are critical to the operation and have a large impact on the flawless functionality. Is the facility located in the mountains, by the sea, in dry or damp area? What is the climate, what is the temperature?

For this, there are specific work instructions that are individually tailored to the respective plant. The goal is to ensure the maximum service reliability of the facility. Also during a maintenance. Because the consistent reduction of downtimes saves money. Thereby, preventive error analyses can also help. The transition non-predictable failures into predictable maintenance intervals. A value added service from Niersberger. Maintenance plans are not just checked off. This is backed by knowledge, competence and an unconditional operational readiness of the Niersberger technicians.