Supply Engineering

Buildings or facilities of any kind contain more today than many think. Technology for example. Today, a hospital or an industrial plant is "packed" with technology, which greatly eases the life of the people who live or work there, and also makes it safer and more comfortable. Niersberger meets the highest standards as a partner of numerous hospitals and customers in the industry every day, especially from a hygienic and energetic perspective, and also fully satisfies the statutory requirements.


Balanced technical building equipment

In the office, at home or during leisure activities: A balanced technical building equipment is an essential part of modern real-estate. Together with our customers we are able to develop concepts that meet the individual requirements of our customers. Here, we explain the benefits of technical supply system in a concrete simulation to the customers. And finally we specify what systems are specifically best suitable for a real-estate.


Service: optimal supply technology

Economy, quality and functionality - that's what supply technology must be measured against. These criteria are clearly in the foreground. Niersberger will make sure that your building is optimally supplied, that the technology works perfectly, and make sure the residents aren't disturbed through the activities. Because then everything will be alright.


Supply technology for industrial customers

A smoothly functioning supply technology for industrial customers is particularly important. On the one hand, we provide a budget and deadline compliance, and on the other hand we are also a dependable and competent partner you can rely on. Thereby we don't just take care of the pure building technology. We also connect machines to the oil or air circulation, and thus contribute to a trouble-free manufacturing process. Empathy and an in-depth knowledge of our industrial customer processes are a prerequisite. This ensures an optimal integration of the Niersberger competence into the operations. And that allows for the best possible solution to be implemented for the production process of our customers.

Our range of services includes complex and sophisticated installations, service and maintenance of building technology in industrial plants, the supply of the equipment, for example, with air, water, gas or oil as well as the provision and execution of connections of this equipment for this production process.

The areas of activity, in detail:

  • Fire protection technology
  • Electrical engineering
  • Building automation / electrical, measurement and control technology
  • Air and climate technology
  • Sanitary engineering
  • Safety technology
  • Heating and cooling technology
  • ICT
  • Building management and service
  • Media supply
  • Large kitchen systems & technology
  • Construction measures, which may be required due to the technology
  • 24-hour service