Real estate and housing construction

The investment, construction or operation of real-estate and housing construction creates several issues. For example: what should be accomplished with the real estate?


Individual needs

Because several different task areas will emerge for investors, owner-occupiers or operators, which will in turn create different requirements and action-logic approaches. An investor wants a return, an owner-occupier wants to receive a proper funding and an attractive real-estate, a tenant desires the proper amenities and a reasonable price, and an operator primarily sees the real-estate as a business area that is required to deliver results. Niersberger deals with individual needs and the resulting questions regarding the real-estate.


Real estate value chain

Project development, project planning, revitalization, redevelopment, building inventory, new construction, asset management - this is how the value chain of Niersberger in the real-estate and housing construction could also be described. In these areas, Niersberger plans, builds, manages and operates all kinds of real-estate.


Housing societies and social housing construction

The customers especially include housing societies, which focus on social housing construction. The need for affordable living quarters is enormous in this market segment. On the one hand, it's due to migration trends which are socially or culturally motivated. On the other hand, social developments within Germany have sparked a demand for affordable living quarters. Ageing, unemployment, fewer and fewer contributors and the accordingly uncertain pension benefits at old age - are influencing factors that affect the demand for affordable living quarters.


Housing construction: comprehensive project development

The housing construction is divided into the areas of redevelopment – including: complete renovation and partial reconstruction - revitalization or alteration (building within existing real-estate) and the new construction. Regardless in which field Niersberger is active, a comprehensive project development is required for each real-estate project. On the one hand, the concept phase includes the development of innovative and future-oriented usage concepts, such as elderly-friendly living and assisted living. Whether new construction, redevelopment or revitalization: each project must also focus on the issues of energetic modernization. The aim is to develop energy and supply concepts that are aligned to the respective real-estate AND its residents, in economic terms.


Real estate: investment model with monetary stability

This target group, which possesses vast capital resources, has a great demand for a secure investment model. The real estate can convince in this aspect through an enormous monetary stability. Regardless of the financial markets and the prevailing interest rate policy there, this will guarantee a comparatively high return on the capital investment. Another aspect: The real estate as retirement savings. The framework conditions are excellent. Here, the current demand for real-estate is fueled by the interest rate policy which is promoted by the government, as well as attractive financing programs.

The real-estate is divided into two main areas: The housing construction and the rental management as well as the construction area with its associated sub areas of project development, construction, modernization and revitalization.