New construction & revitalization

Perhaps the most demanding discipline in construction: the revitalization. Or: building in existing real estate. A redevelopment or renovation, a usage conversion, a conversion, expansion, new building or just a revitalization - that's nothing someone can provide incidentally.


Structural challenge

Extensive requirements often apply for this type of real estate, in addition to the structural challenge. Landmark and ensemble protection for example. Therefore, the term revitalization stand for complex projects which must also meet legal framework conditions. How will the Brownfield waste be eliminated, or will it even be necessary to initiate a recycling process? Questions which must be answered when building within existing real estate.


Redevelopment in the inhabited state

A redevelopment in the inhabited state requires perfectly aligned procedures and work processes. Especially a redevelopment in the inhabited state - a specialty of Niersberger - wires a smooth coordination and sequence of the individual instruction stages. Through an active and forward-looking rental management and a transparent communication between all those involved - even the tenants - this kind of deadlock can be avoided and the costs minimized for all parties involved.


New construction, demolition, requirements

Everywhere a new construction project is executed, new buildings are either erected on the "Greenfield" or after the demolition. Here, the aim is also to check whether requirements will become effective for the new construction. Both building designs have one thing in common: whether newly built or modernized, a suitable energy concept and thus an energetically faultless final state, which doesn't give legislators any reason for a notification of defect is a crucial factor for each building. The building concept is rounded off by attractive and high-quality business models that are innovative and future-proof.

Our activities in the field of revitalization / new construction:

  • Shell
  • New construction
  • Modernization / redevelopment
  • Energy concepts / energetic modernization
  • Building in existing real estate.
  • Demolition
  • Expansion
  • Gutting
  • Brownfield disposal / recycling
  • Innovative usage concepts
  • Rental management / restoration in the occupied state