Project development

At the beginning there is an idea. It is the start of the project development. Already during this early stage in the development of a project, you will find Niersberger to be a competent partner who knows what it's all about. Our wealth of experience is fueled by numerous developed projects. We look back on many years of experience in the area of project development. There will be quite a lot of residential complexes, real estate projects and commercial real estate. These are consolidated experiences, that you can count on.

Within the project development we take care of:

  • Usage concepts
  • Protection of the building-wise and other utilization in the economic area
  • Search for and development of suitable land, as well as the associated planning within the scope of the construction law
  • Obtaining building permissions
  • Acquisition of real estate
  • Planning, financing and construction of turnkey buildings
  • Sale or operation of residential buildings
  • Usage conversion
  • Analysis: market analysis, location analysis, usage analysis, competitive analysis, risk analysis, feasibility studies, cost analysis, profitability calculations, forecasts