Integrated project planning

Is he project was completely designed within the project development process, it will transition to the specific project planning. This includes the building-technical, organizational and financial planning.


Construction-specific project planning

Based on the blueprints, it ensures that the correct amount of needed building materials is priced and possibly even ordered. They will create energy, climate, ventilation, fire and heating concepts, which are suitable for the respective building. They will examine the plans with the architects and, where appropriate, discuss a possible optimization of the statics and architecture.


Organizational project planning

Organizational project planning takes care of procedures and processes. To set it in motion and to guarantee the functionality, the necessary subcontractors and trade for the construction site will be commissioned. It plans and cycles the individual departments, creates daily, monthly and annual plans, determines when which construction phase is to be completed, as well as who and what will be required for this. It analyzes, checks, controls, modifies, adapts and thus ensures a smooth and clean coordination of the companies involved in the project at the construction site.


Financial project planning

The financial project planning is responsible for the corresponding cost and financing forecasts. It ensures that these are also implemented. It continuously optimizes all budget plans and provides for an efficient use of resources. Because a construction project must not only be functional and look good, it must also be worthwhile economically.

A consistent, and above all proper consultation is thereby of great importance. At Niersberger, the consultancy services are always based on solid numbers and verifiable facts from which hard evidence can be derived, which are not conjured up out of nowhere.

In particular, the consulting includes:

  • Cost and financing forecasts
  • Cost optimization even before the project start
  • Sustainability studies
  • Fire protection solutions
  • Projections / optimization of statics, architecture
  • Energy concepts
  • Procurement of the trades
  • Coordination of the trades at the construction site