Practical ecology

Ecology - it is the prime discipline of sustainability. With the topic of ecology, the mindset of sustainability became socially acceptable. It resulted in a paradigm shift, which culminated in a fundamental change of consciousness. The social consequences were immense. No longer profit by any price, the cheapest or the best was important for customers and contracting entities. The meaningfulness became an ever significant marketing factor for residential real estate - and especially for plants!

The word "energy-efficient" has established itself in this context. It is equated with a good, "green" energy concept of a project. Niersberger Plants are able to achieve precisely that. Their principle: The Recuperation of resources through Regenerative energy technology - it can depict it ideally.

Short and optimized (supply) routes are important and provide a positive CO2 balance. On the one hand this is performed by our plants, which generate environmentally-friendly electricity from alternative energy sources. On the other hand, our work processes are characterized by a maximum degree of efficiency, and therefore avoid prolonged travels, for example, through the remote maintenance of facilities. In addition, we only use certified and environmentally friendly material - where it makes sense. The creation of compensation areas is an integral part of the corporate policy and expresses our social responsibility.