Employees are at the core focus

The employee is at the center of focus in the Niersberger Group. The Group will benefit from his knowledge, creativity and competence. That is why we hope that employees, who join us, stay with us as long as possible. For that purpose, we invest in long-term and strong employment relationships. Because these are also a quality characteristic that distinguishes Niersberger.

And we do a lot for this. We would like new colleagues to quickly feel at home with us. That's why we help our employees to quickly feel at home in the new environment. Because if the personal, private and family matters cannot be accommodated, it will usually also be difficult to perform in the job. For this reason, it is important for us to support the apartment and house search, the job search for the partner, or the search for a place in a kindergarten. We integrate our "new employees" and their families - and we mean that literally!

We hope this will result in a high degree of identification. We know: only someone who experiences integration, feels respected, accepted, and is able to achieve great things. A performance that at Niersberger you may provide within the international framework of the Niersberger Group. The group offers excellent career opportunities.