Acting socially responsible

Of course we are aware of the fact that we have a social responsibility as a company. We rely on the people and the employees from the regions in which we are at home. Therefore, it is our duty not only to take, but we also want to give something.


Serving the common good

Niersberger Group is serving the common good. The Executive Board of the Niersberger Group is personally and permanently involved in numerous projects and foundations in order to organize various activities that benefit the public. In Frankonia, the northern region of the state of Bavaria, Germany, Rainer Dippold is among the co-funding founders of the Kulturstiftung Erlangen (Cultural Foundation in the town of Erlangen), the Bürgerstiftung Erlangen (Civic Foundation in the town of Erlangen) as well as the Bürgerstiftung Pommersfelden (Civic Foundation in the municipality of Pommersfelden).


Long-term inter-generation project

As the chairman of the Orgelbauverein St. Antonius Abbas (Organ Building Association St. Antonius Abbas) in Sambach, Rainer Dippold was the major driving force in a long-term inter-generation project. Dippold implemented the construction of a new organ, wich was built for the catholic church of Sambach.


Sports sponsoring

Niersberger is active on a large scale in the sports sponsorship area in the Czech Republic. There, we support the junior programs of a basketball club and the Hockey Club Sparta Prague.