How do we solve sustainability?

How do we solve sustainability? This question is particularly geared towards the integration of the special Niersberger self-understanding of sustainability into the systems and solutions we developed.


Secondary value

These products are tailor made and meet the specific requirements of the customer. We assume efficiency, profit and return on investment as the primary objectives. In this assessment, sustainability is still has a secondary value. For this reason, the sustainability must be already the included in the design phase of the solution. That is our demand.

An intellectual step where you can successfully distinguish yourself as an outspoken promoter of sustainability again and again. Technology does not stand still. There is a constant process of optimization which will ultimately attain quality and sustainability levels which were initially thought to be impossible.


Sustainability as a dynamic process

Therefore, sustainability is not a state, but rather a dynamic process. In other words: What is still considered sustainable today could be different, completely different, or even wrong tomorrow. Sustainability is generally considered to be universally good with a timeless claim. We know that sustainability is a concept that originated in human minds. And this is precisely the reason, the term is fallible. An implicit predictability of the future emerges from it. Sustainability provides forecasts, and believes it can justify them scientifically. This is not comprehensively possible. And this also affects the products and solutions of Niersberger. They are therefore not of poor quality. Quite the contrary.

In this context, sustainability can only be understood as a repeatedly presented proof that the performed actions of someone are aimed at assisting stakeholders at every level to sustain the overall system in the gentlest possible manner.

Our plants and our housing construction do just that. Thereby we put the sustainability to the test every day. We question them, reassess and rework. This is included if you develop economical, environmentally friendly and socially acceptable solutions.